A reference from a pre school we have run Protective Behaviours at

As a mother and teacher of young children I have always prayed for a way to protect my children (and by this I refer to my own but also those I teach) against sexual abuse. As a preschool owner this need seemed somewhat tricky as I could not bend my mind about how to equip young children with these skills without somehow hindering their innocents. I was lucky to be invited to the parent chat about the Protective Behaviours course at a friend’s preschool and the need to introduce this course in my own school burned fierce in my heart.

I respected the fact that Hayley addressed my parents and, not only made it clear just how great a need for such education is, but also how this very delicate matter would be dealt with. The parents of my school were immediately on board and were supportive of the process every step of the way.

The course itself was phenomenal. Not only were the children taught about how to interpret their own feelings, and what certain feelings could mean, that they had the right to feel safe all of the time and the difference between public and private, but they were also empowered with the knowledge that they could control who entered into their personal space, and how much physical contact they were comfortable with. All this was dealt with in such a non-invasive way through carefully prepared games and stories. It soon became evident that many of the skills would protect our children against a range of difficult situations they may find themselves in as they grow and empower them to make good choices.  Even our 2 year olds showed great retention of many of the aspects which I have every intention of building on annually when we welcome Hayley and the Protective Behaviours Team back into our school.

My staff also picked up great tips and the culture in the school moved as well to ensure certain concepts and skills are continually revised.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Protective Behaviours team for the tremendous work that you do. My wish is that so many schools and youth groups show interest in this program that we have to book for a year in advance just to ensure a space.

These are the responses sent in by some of the parents on completion of the course.

“We couldn’t be more grateful for Protective Behaviours, so much has stuck with N.” Amy, mommy of N.

This same mommy later wrote

“As a mom to a 3 and a half year old attending (The Preschool), I am incredibly grateful that our children got to take part in the Protective Behaviours course! I recommend this course as an absolute MUST for all children as it may mean the difference in being able to protect themselves, us as parents to protect our children and save their lives emotionally and physically. I don’t think any child is too young to do this course, in fact I think the younger we start teaching them to protect themselves, the better. I am so proud that my 3 and a half year old already knows his early warning signs, his network of safe people, and the difference between private and public. Thank you (The Preschool) and Protective Behaviours.” Amy, mom of N

“Thank you so much for the protective behaviours classes and for doing what is in the best interest of all our kiddies.” Michelle, mommy of R.

“We are very impressed with the progress on this course. Even as parents it has helped us to feel more confident in our choices and boundaries with L, as often we are so worried about offending someone or coming across as rude, we end up setting a negative example. I am so glad to have purchased the parent guide and the open conversation it has helped us continue with L. She has learned so much and even when she is dressing, she tells us no one is allowed to touch her privates.” Cassy, mom of L.

Letter sent to us by Julie Darlow owner of Little Grange Pre School August 2018

Our most recent feedback from Level 1 trainings:

It is one of the best training’s I have ever attended that focuses on the well being and assertiveness of children.

I found this training to be the best training I have ever attended. It is practical, culturally, age, language and human sensitive.

The trainer was a amazing and had a wealth of knowledge, she was able to recommend books and materials that trainers can use in their work with children.

The training was an eye opener in that it made me realize
that dealing with the difficult information on abuse with children can be done in an effective and simplified way.

The trainer was very confident and sure of the content, she was able to answer all the questions which was awesome given the diversity of the group. There is a full understanding of cultural diversity I never thought could happen.

This training was excellent, equipping and helpful. It has empowered me for the work I do.

This training has helped me develop the language I use in working with children. I know what to say and how to say it in a safe way.

Feedback from a Primary School Principal

With the increase in the number of children in schools who are facing very serious and often unreported difficulties, I have been feeling quite helpless in terms of reaching out to them in an effective way. Teachers see the red flags and don’t really know what to do.  And even worse, what do you do when you suspect that the home is where things are going wrong?

For a long time I have looked for “something” that would help children to have the skills, tools and ability to protect themselves, and get help when they need it. Some programmes are too difficult to run because the exact words are needed. Others are so explicit that teachers instinctively don’t want to use such a programme. Some don’t include the role of the parents, or take responsibility from parents, resulting in them feeling helpless.

Protective Behaviours includes everything in one comprehensive programme. Teachers are trained to work with the learners in their classes. Parents can engage in a deeper level, or come to understand that they need to look at the relationship with their child in such a way as to build better communication.

There is a logical step by step approach to teaching children, with reinforcement throughout the teaching time. Activities are practical and are readily adaptable to the individual school and South African context, because of this, especially fits the multi-cultural diversity and ethos of the school. There is support for teachers as they start with the programme and help on hand for special circumstances encountered during the teaching of Protective Behaviours.

The trainer was sensitive to us as adults, demonstrating from the start the idea that we should “feel safe” while learning. The wealth of knowledge and practical experience was clearly seen in all that was taught to us. This course answers all that I am looking for in reaching out to children so that they can feel safe as well.